Support Radioactive State

Donations help us to make sure that we have the correct rights for internet streaming use and that RS has room to grow for years to come. Your direct support makes this entire thing possible!

Some of the things you help fund by donating are:

  • Purchasing music from artists for use on the show
    (Direct merch table/label buys, or sourcing from artists’ sites/Bandcamp/Ampled/etc. whenever possible.)
  • Paying for the website, hosting, domain, and related costs.

Future Plans if we can get enough donations:

  • Upgrading to Mixcloud Pro so listeners have more control of their listening experience.
  • Better equipment, such as mics, headphones, preamps, and related.
  • Better mixing software on which to master the casts.
  • Solutions to allow additional options in the future, like adding guest hosts on the main show, having other hosts contributing their own new and unique music shows, etc.
  • Direct licensing with rights organizations and artists so as to grow RS even further, and allow for creation of more legally licensed content on additional platforms. (Also, potential for offline playback!)

Even if you can’t donate, a share and/or a recommendation to a friend is always appreciated!